Swimming Strokes And Bodybuilding

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As we know, swimming is a popular sport for bodybuilding, especially in summer. Few people are clear about how swimming build different body parts and which kind of swimming best suit them?

Here are some tips that can guide you to choose the proper type for perfect figure.

Breaststroke put emphasis on legs. The same leg posture of freestyle and backstroke is to move left and right leg alternatively, which is helpful in making legs slim and slender. While, in breaststroke, legs are required to draw close to each other and move at the same time, which can build up leg muscles.

Butterfly stroke emphasizes chest building. The arm movements are just like chest expanding exercises with strength focus on chest muscles. Those who want to build up chest muscles and chest shapes, butterfly stroke would be a good choice.

Freestyle focus on arm building. Of body parts, upper arms take more strength than other parts in freestyle. Thus, arm muscles can be strengthened. It can promote shoulder shaping as well.

Backstroke focus on back training. In backstroke, it's driven by back parts to move ahead, which is helpful in back muscle stretching. What's more, hips can be better shaped as they are required to lift in swimming.

Remember to do body stretching before and after swimming. Stretching exercises are seen as good warm-up in swimming and other sports, for the exercises could protect you from some sport injuries as cramps and muscle strains, etc. And they can helpful in making intense muscles relaxed after sports. Two common stretching exercises that could be beneficial are leg muscle stretching and shoulder muscle stretching.

Though swimming is considered as whole body sport, different swimming strokes have different training focus on body parts. Choose the one that is most effective in your bodybuilding, you would keep desired figure and healthy body.
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Swimming Strokes And Bodybuilding

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This article was published on 2011/01/11